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The DropLED Pro "Harsh Duty" Bulb is...


The DropLED Pro - "Harsh Duty" bulb delivers 1600 scotopic lumens, as much light as a 150 watt "Rough Service" bulb, but from a mere 12 watts! Its full spectrum LED light eliminates eye strain and reveals detail on every surface. And it fits any standard screw base holder, so you can keep the one you like, plug or reel.


The DropLED Pro runs at a safe external temperature of 145°F, so it can't burn you, your face, your customer's upholstery, start a fire or cause an explosion.
This Drop Light explosion cost CarQuest Five Million Dollars!


We have subjected the DropLED Pro to some brutal tests, including 300 hits to a cinderblock and crushing under a forklift, and it's still bright as day. It will save you up to 100x its cost in bulbs and lost shop time, and it's fully warranted for five years. Sorry we can't say the same for your holder, but we'll hold up our end no matter what.

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The DropLED Pro
Harsh Duty LED Bulb
$99.95 Includes Free Shipping
And 5 Year Warranty

Drop LED Pro: Harsh Duty Bulb
Cut Sheet | Technical Specifications

Lamp Type



75–100 Watt

Screw Connector

Med Base E26



Lumen Output

1100 (Photopic)

1700 (Scotopic)


91 L/W

Bulb Temp

145° F

Color Temp

4000 K




25,000 Hours


90-240V AC




5 Years (Light)

Item Codes





To confirm the accuracy of its name, someone subjected the DropLED Pro Harsh Duty Bulb to a few tests. 300 direct hits to a cinder block. Crushing under a forklift. Placing against the interior side of Drax the Destroyer's bicep and telling him to flex. A virtually indestructible source of light for construction workers, mechanics, and tinkerers, the DropLED survived them all.

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If I had a buck for every time a work lamp burned me or hit the ground and burst, I'd probably have enough to buy this "harsh duty" light. Compared with the searing 262 F of a 60-watt conventional bulb, this LED bulb feels like cool water against the skin, but it's tough enough to take 30 hits (and counting) with a baseball bat and still shine blindingly bright.

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DropLED Pro

LumenLED's DropLED Pro looks like a classic drop light, but features a shatterproof LED bulb. Packing 1100 lumens of light at a temperature of only 145 degrees F, this light provides shops a viable alternative to hot "rough service" bulbs...

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